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MyAT is much more than just attendance tracking! Teachers and instructors can report grades online, track student progress, message parents, manage classes and more, all in one FREE online app.

For The Love Of Teachers (Literally)

My name is Trent O. I started building MyAT because my lovely wife, Jen, asked me to please help her track student attendance more easily than the ways that were available to her. So I built her a simple and easy way to track, view and report on the attendance of her classes online.

When I had a system built that she loved, other teachers kept asking her how they could use it too and MyAttendanceTracker was born! I continue to improve and update the software every day, listening to the feedback of over 50,000 teachers, school adminstrators and parents, but one user in particular. Thanks, Jen!
Trent O - Husband, Daddy, Founder MyAttendanceTracker

To create attendance tracking software that is so simple and effortless to use that teachers of classes of any size or organizers of any groups or events can spend more time with their students and participants!
My promise is to always continue to work hard building a better, simpler, smarter product based solely on the feedback of teachers and parents.
To become the absolute best app for teachers and organizers to use to track and report attendance online.

What MyAT Can Do:

I started MyAT as a simplified way to help my wife keep track of her student attendance records but soon found that the problems facing teachers are more far-reaching. Now, I'm building online educational software that helps teachers save time and be better educators.

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Increase Student Success Rate

Studies show over and over, if parents are involved in the education processs and teachers can quantify the student's progress in the classroom, they will be more successful in the the educational system. It's really the simple.

Simplify Attendance Taking

I am married to a teacher. She has never ever told me thaat she has enough time to do what she needs to. I wanted to help her simplify what I could so she could be a more effective educator (and spend more time with me).

Produce Actionable Student Reporting

Taking attendance and grades really doesn't do that much good if you can't report on it and learn lessons from what has worked and what hasn't. MyAT provides customizable reports and at-a-glance dashboards so you always know exactly what you need and want to.

Open Teacher/Parent Communication

Opening up the lines of communication between educators and parents is critical to an improved educational process. I have built a parent and student messaging platform into MyAT to help you communicate much more easily.

Simplify Student Grading

I made keeping the student grading process simple and integrated into the student and class flow. Simply add your assements and criteria and you can assign grades easily from anywhere while you are tracking attendance.

Try my attendance tracking and grading system for free! Track attendance for any class, event, or gathering!

Save time, money and effort using the simplest tool available to track your class, group, event, or employee attendance.

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